3 Fundamental Tips When Fertilizing Your Lawn

If you want a healthy lawn that looks beautiful, then you have to feed it with fertilizer. This essential nutrient enables your grass to grow stronger and greener, and it doesn't have to be that difficult to apply if you remember these useful tips. 

Water Beforehand 

Before you start spreading fertilizer all over your lawn, you'll want to first give the grass a thorough watering. This will help activate the fertilizer once it reaches your lawn. Make sure you apply water around every single area, including the perimeter of your lawn. 

Once your lawn has had time to fully dry, go ahead and lay down the first layer of fertilizer. Give your lawn another thorough rinse with water to ensure the fertilizer ends up in the soil, not on the top of grass blades. These simple watering steps will help you maximize your fertilizer's effectiveness over the years. 

Conduct a Soil Test 

Another preparation you'll need to make before applying fertilizer is testing your soil's pH. If your lawn is out of the appropriate pH range, then fertilizer will not have the desired results you're hoping to achieve.

There are plenty of DIY kits you can use to test this pH balance. Just be sure to test your soil multiple times to ensure the results are accurate. The best pH figure for lawn grass is 6.5. Anything below or above this figure means you'll need to make some lawn adjustments before fertilizer application. 

Select an Appropriate Fertilizer 

There are so many different fertilizer products you can purchase for your lawn today. Unfortunately, not all of these products will deliver great results. That's why you need to be very thorough with your fertilizer selection.

Try going with a fertilizer brand that is well-known and has received a lot of positive feedback. You also want a fertilizer that is simple to apply. Look on the back of the fertilizer and make sure the directions are simple to carry out. Finally, consider going with an organic fertilizer. This means there aren't any traces of toxic chemicals, thereby making it safe for pets and humans to be around. 

It's so important to get in the habit of fertilizing your lawn, so that it remains healthy and vibrantly green. When you follow the right steps before, during, and after application, the fertilizer you apply should work out great over the years and keep your lawn healthy and looking good.

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If you want a healthy lawn that looks beautiful, then you have to feed it with fertilizer. This essential nutrient enables your grass to grow stronger