Chicken About Raising Chickens? Easy Beginner’s Tips to Get You off to a Fearless Start

If you have been wanting to raise chickens but are a little apprehensive about getting started, you are not alone. Embarking on any new adventure can feel intimidating, but raising chickens is not difficult and can be done with a minimum of supplies. Following a few important tips will get you off to a great start raising chickens and put your mind at ease.

1. Be mindful of ordinance laws

The first step to raising chickens is to make sure you are following all ordinance laws for your location. These laws typically apply to those raising chickens in the city or suburbs and not to those out in the country and rural locations. Roosters generate a lot of noise and maybe banned in certain areas, and you may also be limited in the number of backyard chickens you can keep due to regulations and ordinance laws.  

2. Learn brooder basics

Beginners should start by purchasing peeps rather than hatching them. Once you master chicken keeping, you can try your hand at raising them from the egg. You will need to set up a brooder to protect your chickens and give them the best start in life.

To establish a brooder, you will need a large, deep cardboard or plywood box lined with corn cob bedding, which can be found at farm supply stores. You will also need an electric radiant heat brooder to keep your peeps warm. Supply your peeps with food from your local farm store, along with fresh water, and you are good to go.

3. Select your peeps

This is the fun part. Chicks come in different breeds, and these breeds can vary greatly in the color of eggs produced and the mood of the chickens. Some chickens are flighty and some cuddly. You will want to do your research before you select your breed to get the chickens best suited for your family.

You can purchase peeps from many sources, but your local farm and agricultural store are best. This gives you a chance to see the peeps up close and discuss their unique traits with your farm supply store staff.

There is nothing that should make you chicken out about raising chickens. Once you learn a few basic tips, you will be ready to get started on a new and exciting adventure that is fun and rewarding. Raising chickens is not difficult, and once you get started you will see how simple and easy it really is. To learn more visit resources like

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